Monday, January 9, 2012

Triangle jaune

One of our biggest pleasure in life is to spend time with good friends... And also, to eat at the restaurant. But we think one comes with the other and vice versa. A long time ago, we went to "Steak and frites" for our friend S. in downtown Montreal. It was really good (but you gotta love the steaks). The thing that we appreciated the most was the fact that it was a "bring your own wine" kind of restaurant! Not only it was less expensive since we didn't have to buy any bottle of wine at the restaurant, but the food was very good and the fries was "à volonté" . Overall, it was worth going to "steak and frites". But the most important thing in a restaurant isn't only the food, but the people you are with and how you appreciate the moment that you spend with your friends!!! We want to wish you a belated happy birthday Sith :) We love you a lot... We will always and forever be the "le triangle jaune" (only an inside joke between us)

Steak Frites St Paul
1302 Rue Ste-Catherine E
Montreal, QC H2L


S & T.

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