Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Smile with your eyes"

As you may know(or not), I am a big makeup junkie!! I will not lie, I really love makeup!! Also, let's not forget the fact that being an Asian girl is a little bit hard for me to get long and curly eyelashes. So I was looking for the perfect mascara that can make my eyelashes curly and long. I went everywhere, from high ends to the drugstore. the problem is that I wasn't looking for the right thing, apparently. Until one day, someone told me that, us, Asian girl, need to get waterproof mascara...Seriously, it changes EVERYTHING! It holds better and does not fall off easily! Today, I'm not gonna share you my mascara, but my eyeslash curler! This is the main reason why my lashes are curly...but of course the mascara helps a lot! This is an eyelash curler from Sally Hansen called "give 'em the eye". I am seriouly depending on this little bad boy when it comes to curl my eyelashes! Hope you'll give it a try... And oh, I forgot to mention that this special item is designed to curl two places in only one sweeze. Plus, it doesn't cost more than 10$


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