Monday, February 20, 2012

grrr... !!!

Leopard prints will instantly jazz up your looks!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel london

Hi there! Today i wanted to talk about make up! Yay!!! S. and I have been really into lipsticks lately, I really don't know why! For those who are looking for good and affordable lipsticks, I've found the perfect collection for you guys! It is the Kate Moss lipstick collection from Rimmel London. This collection marks her 10th years anniversary collaborating with Rimmel London. If ever you're starting with lipstick this is the perfect way to try out the colors (only 4.98 $CND) . This collection offers a very nice range of colors from reds to nudes. They are creamy but can be matte if you cover with a little bit of setting powder over the lipstick. The smell is very nice too. I don't know where else we can find this collection, but I've bought these 3 bad boys at my local Walt Mart. Enjoy :)



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Same old chic

A T-shirt will always be a comfortable and an easy-to-reach piece in our closet. It is also the easiest manageable piece. And when your t-shirt has a louboutin shoe print on it, it becomes a very fashionable piece! You cannot pass on it! This T-shirt is from the brand Lux Society and we can find it at la Maison Simons. It is a men wears, but seriously who cares?! ;)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reverse french manicure

1. Needs; french manicure stickers, 2 colors of your choice(black and silver in
my case) and a top coat
2. Apply one coat of silver
3. Let it dry and apply the stickers
4. Apply black coat
5. Let it dry, take of the stickers carefully
6. Top coat and voilà !


Monday, January 9, 2012

Triangle jaune

One of our biggest pleasure in life is to spend time with good friends... And also, to eat at the restaurant. But we think one comes with the other and vice versa. A long time ago, we went to "Steak and frites" for our friend S. in downtown Montreal. It was really good (but you gotta love the steaks). The thing that we appreciated the most was the fact that it was a "bring your own wine" kind of restaurant! Not only it was less expensive since we didn't have to buy any bottle of wine at the restaurant, but the food was very good and the fries was "à volonté" . Overall, it was worth going to "steak and frites". But the most important thing in a restaurant isn't only the food, but the people you are with and how you appreciate the moment that you spend with your friends!!! We want to wish you a belated happy birthday Sith :) We love you a lot... We will always and forever be the "le triangle jaune" (only an inside joke between us)

Steak Frites St Paul
1302 Rue Ste-Catherine E
Montreal, QC H2L


S & T.

Found love in a hopeless restaurant

Today, it is my girlfriend's birthday. So we decided to try a new restaurant called "Café bistro L'Enchanteur" (it is a local restaurants on Henri-julien street). We didn't know what to expect from that restaurant because it was our first time eating there. At first, when we entered, there were only a few people sitting at a few tables, but after an hour, it was almost full! Seriously, I was surprised! I really love that restaurant. It is a small place with a nice quiet atmosphere. Ive ordered a deer meat hamburger followed with a slice of cake called "King Kong" as a dessert (a mixture of white and black chocolate cake with bananas). It was very good. Even my girlfriends did like what they've ordered. One thing for sure, my girlfriends and I will definitely go back again, because it was really nice and the food really good! If you ever crave for a good hamburger. I suggest you to give "Café Bistro L'Enchanteur" a try! And again HAPPY BIRTHDAY "M.".

"Café bistro L'Enchanteur"
7331, avenue Henri-Julien,
Montreal, QC, H2R 2B1
+1 514-273-4766


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glitters !!!

I don't know why, but I feel like the holiday season isn't finish yet.... I'm still hooked on everything glittery.... From the shoes, the shirts and to the nails! So today, I'm wearing "chinchilly" and "set in stones" both from Essie. I really like "chinchilly" for the fall and winter season. I also find that "set in the stones" is a very nice glittery top coat.

Enjoy :)



Saturday, January 7, 2012

"For those who loves Romeo & Juliet"

"Lovestruck ... the name of my brand new fragrance…All about being overwhelmed, inexplicably, hopelessly in love. Allowing yourself to feel passion inspite of yourself, the situation, the repercussions. A new definition of Romeo and Juliet! Sexy, sensual, and unstoppable!" Vera Wang.
I think she says it all! No need to describe it anymore :)
But seriously, this is my new everyday perfume. Usually, I love my perfume flowery but yet sensual and this perfume is a combination of both. May be I'm just hopelessly and inexplicably in love... That would explain why I love this perfume so much!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Childhood Memories

Headbands remind me of my childhood. My mom used to put these just to cover my ears but of course, not as pretty as the ones below. This year, I found really nice headbands at Aldo and H&M. They are comfy, feminine and of course warm.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tea time

Since David's tea opened in laval, near my house... I keep buying and buying tea tea tea, everytime I pass in front of the store... What I love about tea is that you can play with the taste by adding milk, sugar, agave or even honey. The most important thing about it is the fact that tea is very good for your health. It's an antioxidant, it prevents you from many diseases, it gives you a bright blooming skin. In other words, it's every positive thing in just one small cup. I recommend you guys: Genmaicha, Rayon de miel, Punch Alpin and Earl Grey crème. Those 4 tea flavors are my must have every day of the have a good one ;)



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Smile with your eyes"

As you may know(or not), I am a big makeup junkie!! I will not lie, I really love makeup!! Also, let's not forget the fact that being an Asian girl is a little bit hard for me to get long and curly eyelashes. So I was looking for the perfect mascara that can make my eyelashes curly and long. I went everywhere, from high ends to the drugstore. the problem is that I wasn't looking for the right thing, apparently. Until one day, someone told me that, us, Asian girl, need to get waterproof mascara...Seriously, it changes EVERYTHING! It holds better and does not fall off easily! Today, I'm not gonna share you my mascara, but my eyeslash curler! This is the main reason why my lashes are curly...but of course the mascara helps a lot! This is an eyelash curler from Sally Hansen called "give 'em the eye". I am seriouly depending on this little bad boy when it comes to curl my eyelashes! Hope you'll give it a try... And oh, I forgot to mention that this special item is designed to curl two places in only one sweeze. Plus, it doesn't cost more than 10$


Touch of Snake !

This summer, a touch of a snake prints will fashion up our style. This pair of shoes is from Le Chateau and I just fell in love with it! Rocking these shoes with an all black outfit will definitely glamorize my style!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year, new rouge à lèvre !

Rebel and just wonderful by MAC rock my lips !


Happy New year !!!!

May this New year adorn your life with many beautiful things and sweet memories to cherish forever! Happy New years 2012


S & T