Monday, January 9, 2012

Found love in a hopeless restaurant

Today, it is my girlfriend's birthday. So we decided to try a new restaurant called "Café bistro L'Enchanteur" (it is a local restaurants on Henri-julien street). We didn't know what to expect from that restaurant because it was our first time eating there. At first, when we entered, there were only a few people sitting at a few tables, but after an hour, it was almost full! Seriously, I was surprised! I really love that restaurant. It is a small place with a nice quiet atmosphere. Ive ordered a deer meat hamburger followed with a slice of cake called "King Kong" as a dessert (a mixture of white and black chocolate cake with bananas). It was very good. Even my girlfriends did like what they've ordered. One thing for sure, my girlfriends and I will definitely go back again, because it was really nice and the food really good! If you ever crave for a good hamburger. I suggest you to give "Café Bistro L'Enchanteur" a try! And again HAPPY BIRTHDAY "M.".

"Café bistro L'Enchanteur"
7331, avenue Henri-Julien,
Montreal, QC, H2R 2B1
+1 514-273-4766


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