Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ultimate hair gear 101

People often ask me what kind of tools do I use to make nice bouncy curls. My answer... find a good hairdresser!!! First of all, a nice haircut is essential to build good looking hairstyles. It is like the structure of a foundation. For example, if you don't have any layers, your curls will all have the same length so your look will more likely to be bold and heavy. Instead of you rocking the look, it'll be the hair that bears you. Luckily, I already found my hairdresser and she is AH-mazing but for your own curiosity here are my ultimate gears for lively good looking curls; 1. Moroccanoil heat protector
A MUST before exposing your hair to heat! 2. Curling iron babyliss titanium 1" 1/2
This curling iron will give you a wavy beach hair effect. I love the fact that it is a more natural look. I call it the effortless hair. :) 3. Curling iron babyliss ceramic 1" 1/4
MY favorite tool !!! I use the 1 1/4 curling iron 90% of the time because I find it very versatile. It gives the right shape and thickness of curl any girl wants. If you guys have only one tool to buy, I will recommend this precious one. 4. Macadamian oil
After I curled all my hair, I give them a hydrating boost by putting some oil on the tips of my hair. It'll help prevent my hair from damaging due to the heat of the iron. 5. Spray
To hold the sexy curls I secure them with the L'Oreal spray. Honestly, I hate the scent but it does a great job. On a casual day, it takes me about 10-15 mins to curl my hair. However, for special occasions, I will curl my hair by sections. It'll give a more cleaner and curlier hairdo. Voila!

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