Thursday, October 1, 2015

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question

Every morning, the same dilemma: Do I sleep more or do I not....and the answer tends to be the same everytime: The snooze button!!!  I don't know about you, but the snooze button is, practically, my best friend. I know, this is bad and I should just set my alarm once for the time that I want to get up...but I love to sleep and sleeping is wonderful. Does anyone share the same problem?

Unfortunately, the extra amount of sleep that I get usually leave me very less time to get ready in the morning. Getting ready faster, also means doing my hair in a very limited time. The trick to have a great hair day without washing your hair is to have a good dry shampoo. Do you know what is a dry shampoo (if not, you're probably missing on the greatest thing on earth that will fix any hair situation)? Dry shampoo is a product that you put directly on you roots, it comes in a spray or powdered version and will quickly adsorb the extra oil on your scalp and give you by the same token,  give you volume. Sounds miraculous no? I find the powdered version better because is it easier to manage and also the smell is less overpowering.

After testing zillions of dry shampoo, these are the products that I can swear by.

1."Satin sugar by Cake" I can't say enough good things about this one. This hair powder is my favorite because it is so easy to use. The powder is brown, so this is perfect for brunettes. But be careful using this powder because it can get a little bit messy sometimes.

2."Dry shampoo by Alterna" This product works very well but will leave you a white residue on your scalp if you don't blend it properly. Be careful to not use this tool more than once, because your hair could look ashy...not the hair situation that we want.

3. "À sec by Lush" This powder has a citrus smell and like the previous one, you have to blend it properly in order to look good. The smell is a little bit strong, but nothing to worry about. 

I hope this helped you a little bit in having extra amount of sleep. I still think this is a personal choice, but I am very confident that you will enjoy my top three choices. 

//What are you using to give yourself an extra amount of sleep?


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