Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eyebrows on fleek

Does anyone have a case of over plugged, missing or uneven eyebrows just like me? If so, we probably share the same problem, which is finding the right product and the right shade. For many years, I've been looking everywhere to find the perfect product to fill in my eyebrows and many times I've been disappointed with my discoveries... Sometimes I would end up with too dark eyebrows that would make me look like the meanest girl in the room, red eyebrows (because it seems like many brows have red pigmentation in it and it sooooo didn't match with my hair color) and other times my eyebrows would just like I just drew them on (hello unnatural eyebrows! ). Well after my little journey of trying to find the right product, this is what I came to: the eyeshadow called "coquette" by mac 

Seriously, this is hands down the perfect color for me (a typical Asian, with natural dark brown hair). It is not too dark and not to red (because the color is more on the green side, but don't worry it won't turn your eyebrows green, I promise!) . I use the eye shadow to fill in and shape my eyebrows (with the 208 angled brow brush), then I would use an eyebrow pencil to define the base and the tale of my brows. For the eyebrow pencil, I used to use "define-a-brow" in the color dark brown by maybelline (It is a little bit on the red side, but it's only to define, so I think it works just fine), but I recently purchased an eyebrows pencil in the color "stud" by mac (this one is better than the maybelline one, in my opinion) and it is good but just a little more expensive.

A little tip to find the perfect shade: if you have dark hair, try to use one (or two) shade lighter than your actual hair color and if you have light hair color, do the opposite, use a shade darker . I've learned this from experiences girls!! 

 I hope this help you a little bit and if I had one thing to say about eyebrows, it would be to not be afraid to try and learn about the shapes and the colors because eyebrows are one thing that you don't want to mess with because it can make or break your whole face. So remember girls, your eyebrows are the frame to your face so frame it nicely :p  

(Special thank you to my friend N. who works at mac; this is because of her that I now have fabulous eyebrows...yay!! )

//What are you guys using to fill in your eyebrows?


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