Friday, September 30, 2011

Meeting Franco Sarto

Today at work, we had the opportunity to meet Franco Sarto. Franco Sarto is an Italian shoe designer who is very talented. Le château is offering a lot of shoe from the designer and that is the reason why he came to visit us to promote his new collection. The event was very well made. They served macaroons, italian soda and of course italien music was au rendez-vous to make the designer feel more like home. To make it even more special, they were models modelling the shoes and even a red carpet for all the customers who wanted to meet the designer. It was great success and it was very nice to see all the people who made this event possible united in one place and enjoying their work. I hope one day you'll pass by Le château and take a look of the shoe collection because the compagny has put a lot of effort to offer you a much bigger and better collection.

T. & S.

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  1. tu es belle sur la photo trang! as-tu des nouvelles lunnettes comme sophie?

    elles te vont a merveille!